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MGMT 52300: Digital and Social Media Marketing

This course presents a set of concepts, strategies, and tactics to aid students to better understand marketing in the evolving digital and social media age. Topics covered include: A-E-C-C-C strategic framework, online advertising, Google Analytics, search engine marketing, social network analysis, social failure, social strategy, and social platform. Through a combination of lectures, case studies, hands-on exercises, and mini course projects, students will develop capabilities in creating, implementing, and evaluating digital and social media marketing strategies. The course can also benefit students in other fields with important knowledge of the emerging digital and social media industry.

Syllabus 2017

Session 3: A Strategic Framework for Marketing in the Digital Age

This session introduces a strategic framework for the marketing analysis in a digital age, A-E-C-C-C. The strategic framework contains five components: Access, Engage, Connect, Customization, Collaboration. Please click here to access the lecture slides.

Session 7: Search Engine Marketing
This section covers topics such that the introduction to search engine, keywords research, and search engine optimization. Please click here to access the lecture slides.

Session 13: Social Product

This session covers two topics: social products and social strategy. We introcuce the concept of social failure and discuss the existence of social failures in different social relationship establishing process. Please click here to access the lecture slides.


2016: We were listed as a global finalist of AdWords Social Impact Award in Google Online Marketing Challenge.